Advanced troubleshooting and supporting of Windows 10

This course which is a 3-day based course walks you through the basics of troubleshooting and to more advanced troubleshooting. It takes your current help or service desk or any it technician to a new level in terms of troubleshooting and supporting your Windows 10 clients.

Target audience: IT pros and IT technicians that want to take their skills in troubleshooting one step further.
Number of days: 3 (with hands on labs)


  • Basics: Troubleshooting concepts, communication, how does Windows as a Service affect troubleshooting, and more
  • Built in tools used to troubleshoot
  • Additional Microsoft tools used for troubleshooting
  • Additional third party tools for troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting installation and upgrade issues
  • Troubleshooting user interface, double browsers and modern apps issues
  • Troubleshooting user data and profile issues
  • Troubleshooting security related issues
  • Troubleshooting remote access, mobility and network access problems
  • Windows configuration and deep level OS stuff, kernel and more
  • Use PowerShell to troubleshoot!
  • Final test with real cases, how to apply what you have learned