Windows 10 in new smart ways – not like you’ve always done it!

With Windows 10 you can do things the way you’ve always done them but you can also do them in new smart ways! This course takes you through how to do deployment, management and configuration for the modern Windows 10 client. This is accomplished using Enterprise Mobility+Security and Operations Management Suite.

Target audience: IT pros, IT technicians or IT architects
Number of days: 2-4 (with hands on labs)


  • Windows 10 basics: Windows as a Service and more
  • Basics of EM+S and OMS
  • Windows 10 deployment in the cloud
  • Windows 10 configuration in the cloud
  • Windows 10 security in the cloud
  • Windows 10 management in the cloud
  • Windows 10 reporting, auditing and follow-up in the cloud
  • Windows 10 troubleshooting in the cloud
  • Using PowerShell and the Graph API in the modern world!